Федеральное агентство по техническому регулированию и метрологии
"Российский научно–технический центр информации по стандартизации, метрологии и оценке соответствия"

Procedure for review
and publishing of articles

1. Article received by the editorial board is recorded and reported to the chief editor.

2. The Editor in Chief determines a reviewer from the editorial board of the journalor other leading scientists, if the article corresponds to the thematics of the magazine.

3. Article is transfered to the reveiwer immediately after the decision to review is made.

4. Review of the article is sent to the editorial board not later than 10 days from receipt of the article by the reviewer.

5. If the reviewer determines that the article needs additional preparation, the author is provided with the recommendations and remarks. After receipt of the author (s) modified article it is transfered to the same reviewer.

6. Having received a positive review, the Editorial Board decides on the publication of the article and performs final editing within twenty days.

7. Posting articles online is implemented as they are being reviewed and edited, about what the author (s) is informed by e-mail. The author(s) has (have) an opportunity to overview an articles prior to the registration of the next issue of the journal.

8. Author (s) of the article should be addressthe editorial board with any arising issues, but not later than 5 days from the date of publication of the notice of readiness of the issue for registration.

9. Making any changes to the authors of the article after the registration of the journal is not allowed..

10. If the article does not correspond to the thematics of the journal, as well as formatted and structures not withing the established requirements or gets a negative review, the author (s) is informed on a reasoned refusal to publish the article.

11. Comments on article recieved from readers (including after the registration with respect to their nature), may cause exclusion of an article from the journal.